Sanitation Listed


Dear Beghelli Partners,

The highest rating available for emergency lighting products: “Splash Zone”

Sanitation Listed product is required to service the food industry’s rigorous sanitation standards. Beghelli is pleased to meet the needs of this environment with the highest rating available for emergency lighting products “Splash Zone”.

Beghelli brings you a selection of products which are now available with an optional “sanitation listed” label for food service markets to meet splash zone. The new Intertek ETL sanitation listed label conforms to ANSI/NSF standard no. 2.

Please find enclosed the new updated catalogue pages that make up your complete Food Safe Listed Beghelli product selection. Our customer service team will be happy to assist with any food grade applications you may need a solution for.

Spyder® Spec Page
Illumina® Spec Page
Sanitation Listed Logo

Please contact your customer service agent for more information or questions.

Thank you.

Beghelli USA