Luce Solare LSL-19

Solar Pathway Lighting

The LUCE SOLARE LSL-19 is an all in one solar pathway lighting solution that integrates the solar panel, LED lamp and the high capacity Li-ion battery into a single product. The fully integrated design and technology eliminates the need for bulky external battery boxes, while maintaining maximum light output using high efficiency solar cells. The perfect off-grid solar lighting solution.

The LSL-19 incorporates SMART TECHNOLOGY that automatically switches off during the day for efficient charging. Bi-level dimming is controlled by the passive infrared (PIR) sensor that optimizes performance. The LSL-19 turns on at dusk at 500 lumens. When there is activity, the PIR sensor increases the output to 100% or 3000 lumens.


  • Integrated Solution
  • Passive Infrared Sensor
  • Bi-Level Dimming
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • 140° Wide Distribution
  • IP65

If you have any questions regarding LSL-19 please contact your Beghelli USA Customer Service Specialist at 800-726-4316. We are proud to share with you this green evolution in our family of products. We look forward to continually offering new, innovative solutions to our Partners.