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We understand what it takes to deliver a successful solar project! Beghelli has been part of more than '1,900 solar power installations' with 12 Solar Power Plants. At our manufacturing facility in Montevigleo, Italy we build and assemble solar power modules and components for the High Concentration Lifetree.

Beghelli solar modules, inverters and racking solutions are chosen because of their quality and consistency. Our solar modules are engineered to produce consistent output of energy for 25 years - guaranteed. Beghelli inverters offer some of the highest efficiency ratings - meaning they get more of your power to your building.


Solar Development

Site Engineering

Product Procurement & Construction

Remote Site Analysis- If your building has greater than 10,000 sq feet available roof space, then Beghelli can tell you how much, on a per square foot basis, your roof is worth to your company's bottom line. Our solar power team can quote your solar system, show you the energy savings, educate you on the Federal and State energy incentives - and when you've made up your mind - we'll help you decide on the final layout and structure. Once we've done your site survey, and have learned your building's needs, we will work closely with you to design a system to best benefit your business. Analysis of your local energy costs, system sizing and your own company's business patterns will affect the size and placement of the solar hardware. Our system designs will be signed off on by a State Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and will guarantee their energy production for up to 25 years. Beghelli's manufactures the highest quality parts direct from our factory in Italy. Our experience building 17,000 kW gives us the knowledge and expertise to expedite and manage any request, from sizing copper cable to timing shipping container delivery.